Our Products

Patch work and appliqué

Patchwork is most often used to make quilts, but it can also be used to make rugs, bags, wall-hangings, warm jackets, cushion covers, skirts, waistcoats and other items of clothing. Some textile artists work with patchwork, often combining it with embroidery and other forms of stitchery.


We at PUSS make candlesticks for home use, temple use and decorative usages for hotels, spas, etc. One can order us the required designs of candlesticks. One can learn and earn by our training and product making works.

Jute Products

We make many jute based products. One can order us for jute products. Our program covers the techniques and skills required to create beautiful and eco-friendly jute products.We avail facilities to learn the art of weaving, braiding, and shaping jute to make diverse items, from bags and mats to decorative pieces.

Jute Folders & Bags

We make jute bags and folders. It is one of our highest demanded products in the market. Our hand made products are used in conferences and mostly for official usages. One can contact us to order for the jute bags. We provide the best marginal pricing for our resellers.