About Our Founder

Inspired by the Late freedom fighter and sarvodaya leader “Ramadevi Choudhury” PUSS was founded by the Late Kadambini Bhuyan and Late Bhagabn Patra aiming towards the empowerment of Odisha. A remarkable lady of Salepur, Kadambini, due to her tireless effort could able to campaign for the women and children to whom society had neglected. Treating every child as her own Kadambini selflessly dedicated her life to her work and society till her last breath. Her many years effort towards the welfare of the society have been awarded by various organizations with numerous awards.
Working closely with Kadambini was PUSS’S president Late Bhaban Patra, famous as” Bhaina”. He was a wise, kind hearted and modest person who completely dedicated his life to those children and for their future. He was the man who was always standing truly behind the success of PUSS.


Palli Unnayan Seva Samiti (PUSS) is a small voluntary organization working for the uplift of deprived women and children since 1985. It is just as a home for those who have no roof to stay. People stay here as the members of this family. From the very beginning PUSS always focuses how to put its best effort so that it could reach at every corner of our society to give the right way to the people to build their life.


Late Kadambini Bhuyan was the lady of Salepur who had started her journey from such a small period and the way she portrait herself including in social wale fare work no one could believe if he/she doesn’t get in touch practically with her. She was born in 22nd Dec 1959 and sacrificed her life to bring a smiley face in the face of those tribal girl children, who have no one to give them support and those to whom our society never count them as a part of it.
She was a lady of simplicity who never exaggerates herself through her work but always behave as a tigress through her outstanding words full of energy that can moult anyone to feel the truth of the society. She was first started her journey by selling her ornaments to buy a land for her organization (PUSS). Sometimes she had to spend whole day in starvation to feed other’s stomach. Though her health status always created barricade in front of her but still she overcame the entire situation only due to the anxiousness towards her work..
She was struggled and took a lot of pain till her death but always put a smile on her face. On the age when girls get married and start a new happy life with her family at that age she had started her life with those children to whom our society never count them as a part, and make her family by giving herself a new birth as a mother of them. She never tries to limit herself within her personal life rather she make the society as her family and work accordingly. She was the mother of more than 380 people. Late Bhagban Patra was her ideal and always stays as a back support to struggle for those helpless people. “Nari Shakti” is the only forum of women activists and to build this forum she had involved herself completely. But her health condition one day put a dead line in front of her and everything seems to be stooped when she had gone to the womb of death. It was the date of 30th Jun 2008 when she left away from this earth giving us a heart thrilling pain which could never gone away from our heart. At last we wish may God give you the zenith peace and you always stay in our heart and soul.