PUSS has been recognized by many organizations during its due course of journey since 1985. Our students have been awarded by many reputed government, private and public institutions.
1Recognition to PUSS:

PUSS was awarded by the Information Technology Association of Odisha (ITAO) for its outstanding contribution in social service on the occasion of ITExpo-2014 on October 6, 2014.

2Health Check-up Camps:

The Proctor and Gamble conducted a health and hygiene program with sanitary pad distribution on March 6 and March 23, 2015 at PUSS. On March 22, 2014 APANA PARIVAR conducted a plantation programme and a free health-check-up camp, and a spirituality camp. Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar, Metro Free, conducted an ENT and Dental check-up camp for the PUSS children on October 27, 2014. They have donated a goodwill lunch, blankets, and glasses to our children. Another free health camp was organized by Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF) on November 20, 2014. A free Eye Check camp was conducted by Lions Club, Bhubaneswar Lotus on January 17,, 2015. The Lions Club intends to continue with this initiative in future..

3Rescue & Rehabilitation of the children:

We have rehabilitated two girl children named Adyasha (5 years) and Anwesha (4 years) on Dec-2014.Both were adopted by two Kerala families. These adoptions were made possible by the aid of Missionaries of Charity, Bhubaneswar with the help of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and the District Child Protection Units (DCPU) of Khordha. During the year 2014-2015, twenty children were rescued by PUSS through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Khordha.

4 Education:

Malati Munda, a PUSS graduate, successfully completed the Diploma in Civil Engineering from Government Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar and was recently shortlisted for apprenticeship by the college. Mamata Das, another PUSS graduate, joined as a Counselor-cum-Asst Home Manager at PUSS after completion of the BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) course from NISWASS, Bhubaneswar. Aryabala Panda and Rajeswari Paik each completed the one year ACCP course from APTECH with PUSS support. Pralay Ku Behera of PUSS was admitted in Diesel Mechanic Trade of ITI, Khapuria, and Cuttack in August 2014. Our children achieved a pass result of 89% in the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) examination of 2014-2015. Around 40 PUSS children attend free-of-cost English medium education, classes on classical song, Odissi dance, karate, chess, drawing and modern dance at Magnum Dinabandhu Bidhumukhi Pre-school and Magnum Deenabandhu Bidhumukhi Kalakendra of Bhubaneswar. These schools were founded by Dr Geta Mahapatra and Sri Ramesh Mahapatra.

5 Visitors to PUSS :

Mr William Voss, Mrs. Michele Voss, Mr Christopher Pouncey, Mrs. Sheila Keegan, Mrs. Karen Mulville, Ms Linda Deverell, Ms Kate Wilson, and Miss Laryssa Jones visited PUSS during the year .

6 Training

The NAZ Foundation of India is working with PUSS to educate Peer Educators on teaching life-skills to their peers. The topics included communication, sex and sexuality, HIV/AIDS and care of children and people living with HIV/AIDS. Five PUSS students participated in the two years training and were awarded certificates by NAZ Foundation Trust after successful completion of the training. NAZ foundation provided the same training to six other child care institutions in Odisha.They have provided the final training in December 2014 at Don Bosco Training Institute, New Delhi. Employable Skill Development Training was conducted by Mr Tom Bulman, Mr Joe Bulman, Mr Dominic, Mr Stephen Camick-Davies, and Ms Carolyn O’Connell, all of U.K.,on january 18 and on August 15, 2014 respectively. The following guest visitors have joined the work out session exercise for the children at PUSS Dr. Geeta Mohapatra, Industrialist, Dr Mrutyunjay Sahoo, HOD, Pediatric Department, Capital Hospital, Er Chittaranjan Parida, Sri Subrat Priyadarshi, Special Public Prosecuter, W&CD Dept., Mr Prasanna Panigrahi, Section Officer, School & Mass Education Dept, Mr A.P.Malla, Industrialist, Mr M.Ganesh, Chartered Accountant Mr Bandita Sahoo, Lecturer in Mathematics Mr Gopal Chandra Sahu, National Bureau Chief and Head of Operations National News service Mr Abhimanyu Sahoo, Software developer Sanjogita Mishra, Director Gram Tarang, Mr Chandan Rout, Trainer Gram Tarang, Pragya Pathak, Mr Christopher Pouncey of UK, Mrs Shela Keggan of UK, Prof Malcolm Harper of UK. An eight days Self Defense Training Program was conducted by the District Child Protection Unit, Khordha and Utkal Karate Association, Bhubaneswar from 16th Aug’2014 to 28th Aug’2014. Sri Niranjan Sahoo Collector –cum–District Magistrate, and Mrs Banishree Pattnaik District Child Protection Officer, Khordha, inaugurated the program on August 16, 2014. Sarbani Bhatachharya, Manager, CSR (AOF) and Sri Bishnu Mohapatra graced the closing ceremony on August 28, 2014. Aangan Trust, Mumbai conducted an in-house training for Life Skill education to the children.

7Celebrations & participation of PUSS:

Celebrations of National Observation Days, festivals, annual sports, annual function by the children in the organization campus during the year. Diwali was celebrated by the members of Lions’ Club, Bhubaneswar, Lotus and Sri Satyajit Panda, Treasurer, ITAO with sweets and fire crackers. Mr Chinmaya Mohanty, Mrs.Binita Pattnaik, Mr. Biswajit Pattnaik celebrated Holi with PUSS children by distributing delicious Lassi. Children had a wonderful picnic to the Nandankanan zoo this year. Sri Baikunthanath Mishra and Sri Surendra Sahoo of Nehru Institute of Youth Affairs (NIYA) and students of NMIT conducted intra-institution level competition on song, dance, drawing, speech competition, essay writing, leaf identification competition and distributed prizes at PUSS on 7th November 2014. PUSS children have participated in different interschool competition, Science exhibition and won prizes. Our children stood first in the District level dance competition of “RAINBOW” program conducted by “District Child Protection Unit, Khordha” and selected to participate in the State level compitition.

8New Initiative:

Inauguration of the recreation centre was done by Sri Panchanan Dash, Secretary of MSME Department Government of Odisha , Sri Ananta Narayan Jena , Smt. Sarbani Bhattacharya , Manager, CSR, Amway, Sr. Bishnu Prasad Dash, Area Manager, Amway, Odisha on 28th Dec’2014.It was established with assistance from Amway Opportunity Foundation. PUSS has installed a 8 inch deep Bore-well in its campus, Major repairing work and a “Sewerage Treatment Plant “is ongoing with the kind financial assistance from Mr. Jimmy Mulville, Mrs. Karen Mulville, Ms Kate Wilson, Ms Linda Deverell of Hat Trick Productions, U.K. through Friends of the Children of Orissa (FOCO), U.K. Installation of tiles in all the dormitories have completed with the generous support from FOCO, U.K.

9Handicraft Unit :

PUSS has participated in the India International Trade Fair, New Delhi from 14th Nov’2014 to 28th Nov’2014 with the support from Handicraft Department, Govt of Odisha. During the year PUSS has generated about Rs.7, 30,000/- by selling its own handicraft products.

10Generous Supporters:

Special thanks to Professor Malcolm Harper and Dr. Ursula Kraus Harper of Friends of the Children of Orissa for their generous support since 1989.

11Institutional Supporters:

1- Friends of the Children of Orissa, UK 2- Amway Opportunity Foundation, India 3- Give India Foundation, India 4- Nehru Institute of Youth Affairs, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 5- Magnum Dinabandhu- Bidhumukhi Trust 6- Aangan Trust, Mumbai 7- Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar-Metro, Bhubaneswar 8- Lions’ Club of Bhubaneswar Lotus, Bhubaneswar 9- JYSOLE Club, Naharkanta 10- Apana Parivar, Bhubaneswar 11- NMIET, Bhubaneswar 12- Udayanath (Autonomous)College of Science & Technology, Adaspur 13- ST. Xavier’s High School , Phulnakhara

12Individual Supporters:

1- Dr Geeta Mahapatra 2- Sri Reyansh Mishra 3- Sri Sarada Prasanna Patra 4- Dr Sarojini Bhuyan 5- Sri Manoranjan Patra 6- Sri Chinmaya Mohanty 7- Dr Jayashree Rath 8- Smt Santosh Gupta 9- Dr Manas Ranjan Sahoo 10- Prof S.P.Dash 11- Ms Rajalaxmi Dash 12- Smt Manjula Nayak