About US

About us

Palli Unnayan Seva Samiti (PUSS) is a small voluntary organization working for the uplift of deprived women and children since 1985. It is just as a home for those who have no roof to stay.
People stay here as the members of this family. From the very beginning PUSS always focuses how to put its best effort so that it could reach at every corner of our society to give the right way to the people to build their life.
Our newest program, running since 2008, is our children’s home “Kadambini-Bhagban Shishu Gruha”. It provides a loving and nurturing home for unwanted and forsaken babies. Some of our babies have been brought from unmarried mothers those who can’t take care of their child and the rest are from desertion. Here we provide them food, clothing, shelter, guidance, love and affection and protection along with proper education to give them their all rights to live in this high class society.

About our foundetion

We Are In A Mission for Sustainable Social WellBeing

We engage the village women and the elder girls of our society in training cum production center (TPC). In this center they produce patch work and appliqué products, coir works and jute diversified products, which they sell to make profit. These items are designed for daily use and are marketed both for locally and out with the area through Government and non-government outlets.

Through these trainings we are focusing on the skills in hand-crafts and designing with experts of national and international repute. This program provides a substantial income for 30 women on a regular basis as well as part-time income for others. This enables the women to achieve economic empowerment in their society

About US

Lets Change The World With little Love, Care & Compassion